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I have This manual which dates around 1994. Though I'd be interested in ANY manual thats different from that one.
I also have the amusing Checkmate manual which is CLEARLY the Mega-Z manual, with a cheap cut/paste job.

Any montneel/clone related articles you find would be cool. I'm always watching Ebay, but I never seen the ones I'm looking for. Here is a list of the mags I know have "something" in there:
Action Pursuit Games Nov-92 (Z-1 re-released)
Paintball Sports Oct-95 (Blue on Cover)
Action Pursuite Games Sep-92 (Florida Terminators)
PCRI - April 1992 (Icon Z Review)
PCRI - april 1993 (USI Eliminator review)
PCRI - jan 1994 (Icon Z Review)
PCRI - jan 1995 (AK-1 Review)

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