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Questions are good..

Safety valve is set to 4500 psi. Since the safety valve is key, the option also exists to order for 3000 psi. Then the appropriate DIN connector is shipped as spec'ed.

We've got one service depot now with parts, will be adding more depots as we roll out. I'll have a set of repair / rebuild videos done later this spring.

The KT70/KT90 is a portable unit not rated for continuous use, so could not be used to fill cascade systems. But then again, all units I've seen at the 100 lpm and lower range have the same attribute. We are in development of a higher capacity unit for field use.

We are also targeting commercial duty with the KT90. These customers receive Automatic Condensate Drain and Electronic control units, and typically will be filling 2L size cylinders. These customers are mostly in Europe now, and we'll document and support these units as the year rolls out.

I'd love any more questions.

Bill Woodruff
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What is the output pressure? Are parts readily available in the US? Is this a unit that could be used in the commercial market or is it just for home/team use?

I'm sorry for the flurry of questions. I used to own a field and had a compressor that I later found out was made in Turkey with very few parts readily available when it failed.
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