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Coming in 2017:Complete Pump/Autococker from Inception Designs

Copied from Inception Designs Retro Series "Hornet" FULL GUNS ARE COMING! PBNation.

The "Hornet" is part of our new Retro series which is taking classic Paintball guns, milling them with classic old school styles* and updating them with modern easy to use parts, modern functionality, and modern ergonomics.

The Hornet will be available as a body kit, an upgrade kit for the Empire Resurrection and Empire Sniper, a full parts kit to build your self as a pump gun or an autococking gun, as a complete pump Gun, or as a complete Autococking gun. (Click twice on the images for the largest resolution).

Initially the body kits will be available to ship this week.

Upgrade kits, build it yourself kits, and full guns will be available from Paintball Extravaganza. Dealers attending the Paintball Extravaganza will get the first opportunities on the new products, get to learn about all of our new features, and in our tech class get to build their very own Hornet and take it with them. There are limited spots available in our tech class so tell your dealer to sign up now!

Details of all the new parts featured in the upgrades kits, build it yourself kits, and full guns will be released at PBE first, along with more exciting news that will favour any Dealer attending the event. We will have a big release at 10am on Tuesday at PBE with more exciting news for the year. Your dealer is not going to want to miss out on that...

Components used to build these guns will be available separately after Paintball Extravaganza and once we have rounded up more hamsters to keep our machines going...

*thanks to Steve Cusano, from Cousins Paintball, in particular for pestering me to make a gun body design with gills for the last 3 years and for his input on the design...

**some guns shown with options which may increase the price.
More images can be found with the following links.

Hornet pump
Inception | Designs | Retro Hornet plump
Hornet AC
Inception | Designs | Retro Hornet AC
Looks like a new pump kit and regulator will be entering the market also.

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