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Shocktech is back.

Via Facebook: link to orignal post from Renick Miller via BBT/shocktech owners group

Renick Miller
5 hrs Lansing, IL
We'll post this here first for our closest fans and players. You have probably noticed us asking your opinions periodically, here as well as speaking to many of you individually. Its not been to no end, rather than to see what direction Danny and i wanted to go. He has a fantastic career in another industry and a young family to tend to. I sold off our machines and shuttered our manufacturing years ago. Back when the wheels came off this whole industry.
But, we've been talking and he has decided he wants back in and of course i never left. Tried but, here i am. Now here he is as well.
We will start off round two with a classic line of parts and guns. All the great stuff you're familiar with, first up will be beaver tails followed closely by our original design .45 frame. After that who knows, you tell us what you want more of. You can certainly look forward to a new SFL as well as regs and other guns.
We are well aware of the value some collectors place in their inventory. Rest assured we won't do things to devalue your investment.
Another thing you can look forward to is more original designs. We don't, nor have we ever looked at another manufacturers design and taken it for our own. Not the look, not the function. Can we cut more weight from a body ? Of course, will it handle Bruno landing on it after he bunkers someone ? Can we thin out our frames? Yes , but will spuddy still be able to crash his way thru the palmettos at the world cup? That is the standard we build to, not some things, everything.
No wall hangers, just the cockers that have won more than all others combined ( except Bud of course because ultimately this is all his baby ).
Stay tuned, the Man is back.

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