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Ebladed STO Autococker

Up for sale is my E1 Ebladed STO Autococker with threaded feedneck. Doesn't leak air. I just rebuilt the Ergo Regulator which has all new o-rings. Has brand new pneumatic hoses and small scratches here and there. It shoots and works almost great. I ran out of paint and air to finish sweetspotting the regulator and fine tuning. I haven't had the chance to buy the last two grip screws.

- E1 Eblade with new hoses
- Hybrid clamping feedneck
- STO ram w/ swivel
- ANS Jack Hammer II LPR
- Blue pump arm
- White Shocktech delrin bolt!
- WGP internals. IVG will need a new o-ring
- Beavertail
- Unknown adjustable cocking rod
- Rebuilt Ergo regulator w/ macro fittings and line
- Duckbill ASA chrome is flaking
- Eblade grips are almost like new. On the right side of the grips with the missing grip screw. It has a small tear. I planned on gluing it, I just haven't got around to it yet.
- Bob Long Assassins Barrel .689 bore (previous owner scratched an arrow on the barrel to remember which way to unscrew it...)
- Eye might need to be replaced. I suspect a pinched wire somewhere. Shoots fine without the eye


If you have any other questions, pm me.

YouTube video of it dry firing

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