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Dumb question! Phantom-compatible frames!? and advice on removing sear roll pin plz

I know that what makes a Phantom unique from other pump guns is the frame, which Mike Casady designates as the foundation of the whole gun and which has the serial # put on it

But I'm wondering if there are other frame adapter rails, frames, that fit the body and valvebody receivers or has matching spacing to the Phantom, and I guess, what sear to go with it ?

While I'm on this subject

Question #2 How the hell do you remove the CCI hammer sear roll pin? Bacci's video makes it look easy with his time-lapse magic
I'm struggling to get a good grip on the hammer to do it and the roll pin ain't moving even when I tap it with a nail that has had its sharp point trimmed

Thank you and I sorry if this question is dumb
The old Phantom prototype uses a Crosman frame with I guess a custom frame adapter rail
What else is there out there that can be put together

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