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All these fancy-pantsy electro Rainmakers are effectively beyond me. I know; I've owned 'em all!

Thunderboard (Great board!):

Warped Rainmaker with KM2 Gale Force (meh):

Warped Rainmaker now with Painmaker (man, what a board that was! Of all the Rainy's I've let go, I miss this one the most [don't worry, even though the Rainmaker can run CO2, the tank was just there for display purposes]).

My first pumper:

And a few stock semi and select fire Rainmakers.

So after some moaning and groaning, Rainman was nice enough to reunite me with an old favorite. Or, a new version of my old favorite. She's picky and stubborn, but here's where I'm at now!

She's got:
- Rainman229 Pump Kit (that took some work to get out of him )
- Mad Marty's Basic Internal Mods
- Mad Marty Fitted Delrin Bolt
- Mad Marty Stainless Screw Set
- TASO Power Barrel (or whatever I feel like running)
- NOT PICTURED: AIM Torpedo Knock-Off HPR
- SOON TO COME: Mad Marty Back Block
Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

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