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Originally Posted by himurax13 View Post
Well I know that nutjob had a stroker but some people refer to it as a micro-squall since it is a springfed stroker

He had also had a Nasty Houndstooth (pump only) not a Nasty Typhoon.

He also had a shiny red gun that was extremely loud ....
Man I got all the description wrong about that guy

Edit: there was about 4 guys there shooting phantoms. I had the oc black phantom with the blue black acid wash body with basketball pants and a gray shirt. Ted (he's a ref, but wasn't reffing) had his black vsc phantom w/ m16 frame. Dan (snappb) had a silver sc phantom (I think he ran a tank) with black parts. Later he was shooting his S5 (semi). And another guy had a silver phantom with black part, but had a huge ex-chamber and was running a tank.

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