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wgp commando/ranger, how to tell the difference

The other day while hanging out at one of the local stores they let me come into the employee area to look at something online. While I was back there I noticed a zip lock bag with an old nelson style pump. I started going through the bag and putting it together and thought I had found a WGP ranger but now that I examine the pics on vintage rex I am thinking it may have been a commando. I am hoping someone can point out some things to look for that will let me know which it is.

from what I remember I will describe as best I can.
had drilled and tapped holes for a bottomline or stock

had the top drop feed

12 gram changer like the one in the pic below

tappered bolt (it's breach drop the bolt looks more like a cone than the bolt on a phantom)

the biggest thing that made me question it is the screw holes in the side of the body that hold the valve in.

it had these holes drilled and tapped.
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