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I give up, Sniper is being poopy, please help!

Gun in question: Aftermarket Sniper II
Problem: added a buch of aftermarket parts, now valve does not work.

#1 Yes I put it back together correctly
#2 Yes I have a cocker valve tool
#3 yes it worked before I monkeyed with it
#4 yes I feel like a total noob right now and my hat is in hand (with a live grenade! )

Full Details: 2k KAPP cocker converted to pump status. Valve leaked a bit. Nothing on/in her is stock anymore. Installed an 'AKA knock off' valve kit and she doesn't want to fire. (Using PMI Pure Energy HPA) I do NOT have a regulator on the gun.

Symptom: She cocks back fine. I pull trigger, sear releases hammer into valve stem and 'clank' sounds like dry fire! Valve does not open up (weird!). I do a sample diagnostic: screw in cocking rod into hammer, place it on valve stem and GENTLY tap with hammer - NOTHING!!! No pop. It acts like the hammer never even touches the valve, acts like it is caught up on something, but it is not.
I am completely stimeyed.
Any words of wisdom?

ps I sold the old valve to raise money for the spalttys so I can't re-install to diagnose the valve.

Possible solution: Need a regulator to reduce pressure in valve because HP tank is malfunctioning too much high output?!

What regulator should I get?
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