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Sniper build woes.

I'm having one horrible time trying to get my Sniper up and running. Long story short, I can't get usable velocity.

Here's the setup:
  • Psychoballistics Superbolt body, half blocked by hvacman250
  • White Wolf Airsmithing premium mini pump kit
  • Sidewinder reg
  • Benchmark slider
  • pbmodshop (hvacman) halfblock kit
  • jcurt halfblock kit
  • Stock valve
  • Stock slotted hammer
  • Using 13/3000 with Nitroduck I-reg (800 psi output)
  • Also have a WGP valve and a Shocktech Phat hammer that I just slotted

Here's what I've tried so far, all using stock valve and Sidewinder reg:
-Stock (slotted) hammer, light green springs
-Stock (slotted) hammer, light valve, medium hammer
-Phat hammer (slotted), green springs

Then I'd sweetspot the reg with the ivg in 2-3 turns. Never saw anything approaching usable velocity.

Even modified the air passage on the White Wolf mini pump kit because of potential flow problems. Pretty sure I can rule that out.

I have 2 halfblock kits now, and both allow more blowback than I'd like. Especially with the pbmodshop one. The second one I got seemed to be a bit better. It makes me wonder if these bodies use different internal specs than the WGP ones, perhaps.

Next up, I'm going to throw in a WGP valve, and maybe heavier springs, at least for the hammer. And then maybe a different bolt? Like a Shocktech superfly bushmaster bolt? I'm running out of options here. What suggestions do you have? Thanks,


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