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It rained a bunch of sat am, Butch. Long after that there was still major drippage every time you brushed some brush.
I'm pretty sure I crawled two whole laps around Hell Survivors, business was booming!
I even snaked up on some guys in the meat grinder(a mowed alley with a few spools) right inside the netting. They were so used to players running at them shooting 20bps to get cover in the spools that I was able to crawl up to the next spool from a bunch and as they shot towards the castle pop out and smoke five or six of them. I got one more with my TAG of the three who came to bunker me but miraculously the two followers saw I was hit and didn't open up on me(my hats off to the tippmann team). That would have hurt.
This design really draws well when crouching or kneeling, but I want to try a crossdraw too.

I shot almost three bags of paint, mostly through my zeus but I used the tag8 more than I have in the past, over 60 co2 changes total! I'm getting carpal tunnel from piercing 12gs

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