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I did some Mini-Halfblocks a while back.Get a gage,start at 500 and work down,the last one worked best between 250 and 350 psi.
Use the phat hammer, start with the heavest hammer spring you have and screw the IVG half way in.
When halfblocking a mini you need to make up for the weight you loose milling the slot in the hammer and the weight lost by not having a cocking rod and nut screwed into the back of the hammer.
You can also add a little more weight to the hammer by using a fully threaded 10 x 32 allen head capscrew 1 inch long with 3 nuts on it screwed into the hammer.Check it for clearance by remvong the IVG and the hammer spring,thread the 1" capscrew all the way into the hammer the put it in the body and screw the IVG all the way in.Cycle the pump and make sure the hammer will catch the sear,when it does back out the 1" screw untill it touches the IVG.Remove the hammer and measure how to determine how many nuts you can use(unless you have a lathe and some 5/16" brass rod to make a solid bushing).
Raceguns use bronze hammers with a steel pin at the rear of the slot for durability.
For a pump gun it might not be needed.
Stock hammer with capscrew and brass bushing:

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