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On the internet though, foughtwolf, it isn't because we've seen a CSI episode (I didn't even realize there was a CSI episode about Furs) its because we've, at some point or another, stumbled onto websites where those extremely furry furs hang out. Personally I don't care what CSI said about furs, I've seen pictures, videos, and forum posts. Most of you are cool, but like all groups, you've got your fair share of complete oddballs. Some stretch the word oddball to its very limits.

But yeah, a lot of furs play paintball, at least casually. I used to mod a webcomic forum that was mostly furs (actually, 'scalies' according to most of them, apparently dragons are better than animals and deserve their own distinction ). There were several people who played a couple of times a year at least. Furring is a little harder to bring up in casual conversation than most hobbies, that may be why you don't see people talking about it as much in forums built around other interests. For some people its less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle and really, does anyone talk about the background, basic things they do that is so far beyond hobby that it doesn't register as something out of your way to do? It would be like a teenager mentioning in casual conversation here how much he texts. Most of them don't think about it, much less think about it enough to bring it us in conversation on a paintball forum.

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