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What's the label truly matter?

You know, if I labeled myself everything I am, the list would be miles long and not winning popularity points from any sector really. Honestly furries get more bad press than many other "fringe" groups people identify with, other than mayhaps the Otherkin. Then again, there's so much drama in the furry fandom/lifestyle/whatever you want to call it I honestly am not surprised at the flack they catch. (As for the 'kin, well, more than a few really Strange Rangers ruin it for the more laid back of the group.)

Slvrwulf AKA Misslemaker (as of around December 07) who is not around anymore is/was furry. Haven't seen him active since Dec 07.

I got interested in 2000 when I stumbled across some amusing cartoons of critters that one of my college friends had. Nothin' too bizarre, just silly stuff. Then he showed me the really funny stuff. (I like a lot of J. Willard's sense of humor- so go figure!) The art is pretty nifty. I can't draw worth crap, so I just like gathering it and using it for my own personal screen savers or I used to decorate my dorm door with anthro wolf and cool dragons. Lot of my college friends happened to be as well. We'd do silly stuff anyway, since pretty much the entire table was part of Blade Society or SCA in some shape or form, so on days when we weren't in garb for practices we'd occasionally wear ears or tails just to mess with the rest of the UMaine people. That was particularly amusing when a couple of the guys road in on those franken-bikes. If anyone asks why, well it's just part of what type of drawings I think are nifty. Maybe it ties in with some of the other things I'm labeled as, who knows. Either way, that's not something to go further offtopic about in a paintball forum.

As for now, I've grown up. When you work for a few years as a professional the idea of doing quirky things dies out. I'm too busy enjoying the fact I now have a job that allows me to wear Carheartts and random shirts like my Beaver Moon tshirt or the St. Pat's Day one I have without anyone giving me static about it.

Eventually I want to rig up some wolf looking ears and wear them on the paintball mask just for kicks and giggles. Just because- it's fun. If I do that I'll dig out one of the older coyote tails I have and play while wearing that too.

If you don't like furries, the furry fandom, or any of that stuff- good for you. I honestly don't care. Just don't harass me about it. What I do in my spare time isn't any of your business.
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