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Originally Posted by SN toter View Post
I'm still lost. So you mean folks who dress up as animals? Nothing wrong with that, how's it any different than playing an RPG?
It's sort of like an all life RPG for some people. I don't think anyone here dresses up like animals all the time, and for all I know they don't go to furry conventions either. (I don't. I don't like being around that many people, especially all together in one building. My tolerance for BS gets pretty thin.) Some people just think it's fun to have an animal "personality" and do RPing online. Others just like anthropomorphic animal art either drawing it or think it's cool. Maybe some of us watched Tail Spin, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Ducktails, or Darkwing Duck for to long in our childhood- I don't know.

Wiki has an article that isn't too bad at explaining it. Furry fandom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just like not all paintballers are speedballers, not all furries dress up in costumes or want to go to bed with a big purple cat or something. Hopefully that helps a little. If you end up going on furry-wiki you'll see why I mentioned a part in my original post here that furries who are super active in the fandom are very Strange Rangers. I wouldn't want to go to a furry convention if someone offered me money.

There is one series of stories written with furry characters which I stumbled across during college and still think is pretty good. It's sci fi giving reason for the characters to be anthro characters and has a decent storyline if you follw it. The Complete Archive of stories set in the "Tales from the Blind Pig" Universe.
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