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Originally Posted by A.C. Basbas View Post

Don't confuse Yiffies with Furries in general; it's a subset of the group and an odd one at that. IMHO you can be into the more, uh, intimate side of furry fandom and still be a "normal" person, but true Yifs I just don't get.
Thank you A.C.

Personally, I'm not to worried about the different subcultures of furs, I'm worried about the more extreme haters of it in the other hobbies I enjoy. Warhammer is by far has the largest anti-furry mass I have ever encountered. Thankfully thier numbers are still small compared to those who defend us for doing pretty much the same thing they do, just in a less understood format.

Heck, I have even gone so far as to start a furry Warhammer story, its more along the lines of furs attempting to show their worth to the Imperium of Mankind through acts of heroism in the Imperial Guard. If anyone wants to give it a read over I could link.
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