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Quick & Sleezy Mac N Cheesie!

For those that like home cooked varity of mac n cheese (NOT from the box with the neon orange cheese sauce) This one's for you!

1 container of soup mac (those little dots or stars)
1 block sharp chedder (I prefer Aged NY Crackerbarrel with the black wrapper)
maybe 1/3 cup milk
shakeable parm. cheese

If you're only makeing one serving, just use the approperiate amount of mac in the water.

Pour whatever amount of macaroni in the water to cook.
While it's cooking slice up the cheese into small chunks and drop into a small sauce pan. (use maybe an inch and a half of the block if it's for 3ish servings).
Add a small amount of milk, enough to cover the bottom of the pan, but don't DROWN the cheese in it. Now turn that burner to low or medium low and stirr occationally. Do not let the milk scortch. It will if you try to cook it too soon

By the time the mac is ready to be drained in the sink, the cheese and milk should have combined into a nice sauce. Don't worry if it seems a little soupy- now add the parm stirring all the while. This will thicken the sauce a bit. Don't add too much, just a little sprinkle at a time. When the sauce has a consistancy of, say ranch dressing, you should be fine.

Now find a bowl (or I usualy just dump the pasta right back into the pan I cooked it in) and stir as you pour cheese sauce over it. Make sure you mix it alltogether well.

Let sit for 3 minutes so the cheese can mix and thicken.

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