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Originally Posted by CCmachinist View Post
quote:Ok so not a thrilling amount, but I really just find pump cockers to be really comfy, just not sure if the big bucks are worth it, no offense.

None taken.$500 + is a lot of money and you do have to ask what am I getting for what I'm paying.I can tell you how we make them.

#1 We start with about 7+ lbs of 6061 aluminium and end up with a marker weighting under 3 lbs.(The grip frame starts out at 44oz.of material)
#2 303 and 304 stainless steel for the steel parts
#3 "virgin" delrin for the bolt and trigger and pump handle
#4 18-8 stainless steel screws
#5 hand polishing,diamond honing the bolt bore,diamond polished sear,hand fitting and assembly, testing and tuning with paint
#6 there is a 17-4 stainless steel heat treated low friction roller bearing on the trigger where it engages the sear.this is new and is installed in all grip frames as of about a week ago.

There may be a few things I left out but this coves the big stuff. I hope this helps.
Under 3 pounds for the full marker? Didn't know they were that light, wow. I think I am leaning greatly towards grabbing one now. The idea of being able to keep up with the semi's if I need to is comforting since my current team is looking to play in semi tournies (we're all pumper, most SC). I am a little bit confused on the styles of frames though. I know there is the 86* w/ rubber grips and one with built in grips ( or so I think), is there any specs as far as differences go? I've held the in frame grip style and loved how thin it is but I also love rubber grips so that's now basically the only decision holding me back. Bodies back next week? any Gloss black coming in?
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