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I sold him nearly 2 complete 007's after a long story about how his best friend who's now dead had this kid who is coming of age and now plays paintball and yadda yadda yadda... long story about how he wants to buy my stuff for sale... I didnt really need to know all the details. At any rate he arranged with me to pay via MO, he ended up only sending half because of finacial responcibilities on his end and without any prior notice to me that he was only sending half. We then worked out that he would send the other half of the payment on his next paycheck, and he made good on that promise. I would describe this as a minor hiccup in the transaction, I did get paid in the end and he did get the items in a timely manner. I trusted him enough to ship the items before the final payment arrived, and I was not let down.

All in all Smiley communicated pretty well, was pleasant to deal with, and is trustwothy. I would not hesitate to buy or sell from him in the future. Thanks Smiley!
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