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Thanks for the link TouchofGrey, unfortunately it doesn't list the size of the screws. I haven't seen them listed anywhere on the net (I had a slow week at work, and looked at a lot of info through google-fu in anticipation of my new arrival!).

I broke out the micrometer and found a decimal to fractional (and screw size) chart and came up with the following:

1. Are the grip screws, these appear to be 6-32 x 7/16" Phillips oval head.

2. Is the screw to attach the frame rail to the barrel, it appears to be 8-32 x 1/4" Phillips flat head.

3. Is the screw to attach the valve body to the frame rail/grip frame, it appears to be 10-32 x 1 5/16" Phillips round head with only the first 0.04" threaded.

The 3 grub/set screws (missing and not pictured) should be 8-32 x about 3/32" hex head set-screws.

My gun is also missing the 2 screws that hold the grip frame to the frame rail.

1. Hole for screw #2 from above.

2. Missing front frame rail screw. Threaded 10-32, probably a Phillips flat head about 1/4" long.

3. Missing back frame rail screw. Threaded 10-32, maybe a Phillips round head no longer than 1/4", possibly shorter.

4. Hole for screw #3 from above.

I'll probably hit the hardware store for some stainless steel replacements next week. A 007 was my first gun back in '88, and I still regret selling it. I'm very excited about restoring this one.
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