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Originally Posted by worrptangl View Post
Dont get me wrong you can run a sheridan off HPA just PPS advertises the use of both.
Ask Glenn Palmer some time and he'll give you an hour-long lecture on the many benefits of CO2 over HPA. Truth be told, both of the Blazers I owned were much "happier" on CO2 and I was happier that I got a full day's play out of one 20 oz. fill than 2 trips to the HPA line (~1,400 shots per 20 oz. of CO2 vs. ~700 shots per 68/4500 fill).

On the subject of the Phantom, I ran mine on a 13/3000 tank for a couple days and found that there was no performance difference, but, again, there was a loss of efficiency. A 13/3000 bottle is about the same size as a 7 oz. CO2 tank, but will only deliver about 300 shots per fill, while the 7 oz. tank will give you 500+. That being said, I now run a 3.5 or 4 oz. tank in cooler weather (anything below 70 degrees) and 12 grams above that.
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