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Tal, I read your review on the Pro-Stock updates. I think I've almost gone through your whole site, actually. I think it's a valuable resource, so I hope you keep it going.

I'm repalcing the stock WGP internals in my 05 Superstock body. The other night, I was over at Demonio's and was checking out his SS-25. The smoothness of the pump stroke and solid striking of the hammer on the valve with no hammer bounce really impressed me. The 05 Superstock internals have a lot of hammer bounce. I have Maddman and Nelson spring kits, but no time to mess with springing. I figured I would just get the CCM kit and hope for the best.

I turned an E-Orracle into a Sniper with a CCM kit, and there was hammer bounce with the stock Orracle internals. I've also shot a Prostock with stock internals converted into a Sniper, and it didn't have hammer bounce either. I don't know what is different with these 05 Superstock stock internals.
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