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I'd love to purchase a fixer-upper (everything north of the Ram, for example) so the gun could be run on a 4way noid, or an air piloted maximatic.

Honestly, I see no reason besides the purely Viceral that there needs be a form of mechanical timing on the H8's Ram, But that's from a mere mortal's POV, not the damn thing's Lord and creator. I'm just saying that You know better than I do if it can be slaved through a direct trigger interface into a Standard 4-way valve.

But with Electronic boards cheap as Dirt and about as plentiful, Why not release a verson of the H8TR to people willing to play with it a bit, add their favorite Board, and 4way, and go to town?
Somewhat like the kits for an Intelliframe (Mag) that are near bolt-on for pneu-mag purposes. Toss a microswitch and a couple of generic mounting points for a Board, (or even enough meat just to drill and tap) In to the gripframe, A suitable trigger (Delrin is enough, or use A popular existing trigger geometry) And leave the rest up to us Cunning MCBers.

The tinker's Guild would go nuts with this kind of thing: A Vector based gun, that's 90% complete, That lets you choose your favorite Board, options, Trigger, Etc?

Again, maybe this is just me. But The sear drop point being that far off can be corrected, if That is all it does. The trigger group can be digitized. And we have plenty of airsmiths that would be able to do this sort of Finalization and tweaking.

A final thought: MCB, Ask yourself this. Would you go through a little extra effort, money and time, To own an Uprated Vector, Driven by a modern Board and QEVs, With one of Noxx's Brown notes on the end? I'm certain he would appriciate the Revenue created by Boart/noid installs, and Extra brown notes sold.
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