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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I think a concern would be that people would make half-assed barely working guns off the botched h8tr bodies, and that would turn others off to them...'I saw a h8tr at the field the other day...what a piece of crap!'.
With a drill press and basic hand tools, I could affix a Microswitch, Trigger, Board (Say, I dunno, Shocker) And humphrey solenoid valve to a H8TR. Plenty of room inside that big ol shroud for all this electric boogaloo. Thread in some QEVs, Set the Noid dwell, and test.

Neck blowback. Bolt isn't closed when the Nelson sear Autotriggers. Shave a teensy bit off the sear with a file.

If the Vector's legacy holds true, it will not need eyes, The bolt will stop, the electro trigger will automatically reset, And be ready for the next shot, Quicker than the safety lever.

That, and something tells me that there's a certain 'Darkside' appeal to deafening Agglets with a Ramping Vector.
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