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Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
They wont sell just a body; believe me, Ive practially begged before.

And Melissa doesnt really bite on Mondays, I was joking. She does have a cool California accent. Ok, now Im being a tard. Just call.
Damn. Maybe an S6 without the bottom hole for the second guide rod cut? The less I have to do to make it a semi the better. Parting the 86* frame and pump should be no problem..

edit: hvac when all is said and done it will be coming your way just so ya know, at the very least for a nice gun metal grey and lime green anno, but maybe your capable of the work needed aswell?

edit2: just so everyone knows, esp. the CCM crew, I didn't mean to be accusing at ALL with my first post, was really just curious.
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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Simple solution, put a big sign up that says "Honk if you love prison rape"

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