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Originally Posted by Brick View Post
Damn. Maybe an S6 without the bottom hole for the second guide rod cut? The less I have to do to make it a semi the better. Parting the 86* frame and pump should be no problem..

edit: hvac when all is said and done it will be coming your way just so ya know, at the very least for a nice gun metal grey and lime green anno, but maybe your capable of the work needed aswell?
Highly doubt it, but Bill would be the one to talk to. He posted in the thread earlier.

Why not just plug the hole in the vert ASA with a 10-32 set screw?

Edit: I will not partake in your reconfiguring the best open class pump on the market and making it cock itself
I'll be glad to help anyway I can. And Lime green and gunmental is a combo Ive never seen before. Hhmmm.....sounds funky
I don town anymore ! Please contact the owner thru the website.

Al I have left for sale PB related is pump related headbands and tshirts.
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