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Bought some JT frames from this trader. Was willing to do pick-up as well to save on shipping since I'm an hour or so away and have friends in the area. Took a little while to get my friends in motion on it and he was patient about that. Great Trader. Do Business with him, and do it NOW! A+ in my book.
Markers: Magic Box Classic Mag, Smart Parts Splashed Classic Mag, Classic RT Automag, PTP MiniMag, 2k3 PMI Piranha, GameFace Vexor, PMI Trracer, PGP, Smart Parts Impulse, Brass Eagle Cobra

Brand new fully auto gun - $600.00 New outfit to look like the other experienced players - $300.00 Case of paint to spray and pray - $80.00
Getting single shotted by guys with pumps all day long - PRICELESS
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