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Shipped super fast, items were exactly as described. Excellent condition.
Also, items were packed exceedingly well, they look brand new.
I could not be happier.

Oh yeah, I purchased some mil-sim accessories, barrel mounted laser and tac light plus some add'l scope mounts.
My current collection: Apex,SMG-68,Vector,Classic Intimidator (x2), Clamshell Intimidator, Angel LCD, F-4 (x2), F-2, Eagle .68,Shoebox Shocker, SFT Shocker, NXT Shocker, Ion, X-Blade Vengeance, e-Blade Vengeance, e-Blade Orracle, Mech Vengeance, Sydarm, Nova, SuperNova, .68 Special, Pro/Am, M3 Dragun,Spyder Imagine, Tiberius T9, E-Mag, Pro-Lite, A5, NME LE, NME, Tactical Ion, Knoxx Pistol, Impulse, Rap4

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