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odd trigger work + homemade pump kit

while this one hasn't belonged to me in around a year I am posting a few pics of some of the trigger work due to seeing a post where someone didn't care for the trigger on mags.

It turned out fairly ugly since I had done some fairly major mods to it in the past. In all the work went on for a 3 year period off and on, there were many things that got changed through out the work and some got changed back so there is some odd little things that are no longer in use but the grinding/drilling/and whatever else I did still lingers on.

In the end the changes made were-

moved the trigger back so that it pivots in the hole that formerly held the safety

drilled out portion of the trigger to add an o-ring, this took away a lot of the side to side play. just to show where. I didn't drill completly through it, just enough to make a spot for the o-ring to sit in.

lowerd the point that the sear rod touches the trigger, installed pin to keep the sear rod from drifting to the top of the trigger.

ground some metal off the back of the trigger where the sear rod touches and cut the sear rod to allow it to fire with the new trigger position.

installed a cocker valve spring inside the grip. it would push on the sear all the time to compensate for the added force needed to pull the trigger after I lowered where the sear rod touches the trigger.

I was interested in the pump mags and I had looked into them enough to get a grasp on how they worked. Then one hungover sunday morning I had a strange thought that somewhat woke me up and was the first thing on my mind when I opened my eyes that morning. "hey... that was a mag light I saw in the trash can last night wasn't it?"

I climbed right out of bed and put on some slippers and went out to the shop and dug the mag light out of the trash. I began reshaping and cutting the spring from the mag light untill I got it to a shap that would let it sit behind the bolt and stop the gun from cycling.

Then I used a piece of 2 inch PVC and the bell end from that same pipe to make a pump handle. Mutilated a cloths hanger for a pump rod and then got out the angle grinder to mod the body and carve a slot for the pump rod.

with a bit of tuning and proper bending of the pump rod I was able to get it working as a pump mag. It was off the gun in this pic but you can get the idea. In all it took about 45 minutes. It wasn't bad for the most part but the pump handle could still rotate from side to side and it just felt insanely wierd when used left handed.

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