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Forget the bps rate. The trigger frames are set to a lower number anyway.

Go for the VS1 if you want to stay with the Spyder lineup. They VS series has eyes to help avoid chops while the Pilot uses a spring equipped bolt to HOPEFULLY give rather than chop. Having said that my own Pilot works just fine and rarely chops a ball in the few times I've used it.

Keep in mind as well that the VS1 is a full pressure marker. That "regulator" is just a hollow expansion chamber and not a reg at all. And if higher rates of fire are important to you then you want to go with an air tank vs CO2.

I'm a rec/woods player as well. I've tried some electros and they are going on sale soon. I prefer mechanical instead and to hell with what all the others say. Mind you I like to play pump as well and the more I play pump the less ammo I shoot during a semi game. I find that I seldom go through more than about 40 to 50 balls unless it's a defend the fort deal and I'm defending then I may go through up to 100. It's your choice but I've really found that quantity doesn't mean quality. I prefer to buy good fresh paint that shoots accurately and that means I need less balls in the air to play. YMMV.
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