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Thanks......I own quite a few was the only way I could get others to play. The field owner and I have been working on bringing this style of play. He owns 3 pumps as well. So far we've gotten 2 players to purchase their own pumps(one guy bought a system x lightning off of me) with the rest still using our gats. So far we have about 12-15 people interested. We've been holding pump games on Saturdays with 3 man tourneys on every 3rd Saturday. We are planning on holding some pump games on Sundays as well as a majority of the speed ball players come out on Sundays. Here is what I got:

Black/Green Acid VSC -- my main gat since no one likes stock class out here
Karni Pump
WGP 03 Budd Orr - sweet slider frame on it.
Trilogy Sniper

And now what I'm sure will be my main: S6 RF.
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