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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
Forget the bps rate. The trigger frames are set to a lower number anyway.

Go for the VS1 if you want to stay with the Spyder lineup. They VS series has eyes to help avoid chops while the Pilot uses a spring equipped bolt to HOPEFULLY give rather than chop. Having said that my own Pilot works just fine and rarely chops a ball in the few times I've used it.

Keep in mind as well that the VS1 is a full pressure marker. That "regulator" is just a hollow expansion chamber and not a reg at all. And if higher rates of fire are important to you then you want to go with an air tank vs CO2.

I'm a rec/woods player as well. I've tried some electros and they are going on sale soon. I prefer mechanical instead and to hell with what all the others say. Mind you I like to play pump as well and the more I play pump the less ammo I shoot during a semi game. I find that I seldom go through more than about 40 to 50 balls unless it's a defend the fort deal and I'm defending then I may go through up to 100. It's your choice but I've really found that quantity doesn't mean quality. I prefer to buy good fresh paint that shoots accurately and that means I need less balls in the air to play. YMMV.
hey whats up maybe you might know since you own a pilot why do i see stripped out pilots on ebay they sell the receiver and barrel no internals no trigger frame then you can find Spyder Pilot Parts all the internal parts (bolt striker ect) and the stock feed neck why do some pilot owners strip them out makes no sense i could see selling the barrel or the trigger frame and acs bolt beats me if you dont know its cool no big deal
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