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Originally Posted by cupofnoodles View Post
anyway I can save the powdercoating?

short If rust has gone underneath the powdercoating, it will lift it eventually. If you only have very light surface rust, and only pinhole sized spots, you may want to try a good vigorous brushing with a plastic bristle brush. Then, use a rust stopping lubricant on a soft cloth, and give it a rub down.

If more serious rust has set in, you can let all metal parts soak in molasses for a few days. Then, wash thoroughly, brush it, and give it a rub down with a rust stopping oil (I've used LPS in the past).

There are more severe lengths you can take such as Naval jelly, or letting the part soak in white vinegar. But, those can affect the finish on parts, and they would need to be re-blued or powdercoated (whatever the finish is)
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