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we need an RTP owners group or something so we can make a list of all the RTP guns. it would be interesting to see how many we own on here.

i own 3 RTP's. 1 Viper and 2 Intimidators.
i agree- with such a limited-production gun, it would interestings to see how many can actually be acounted for. i'd love to have a viper-specific resource thread, because even though they're based on a sheridan, i'm alos hesistant to tear into mine too much 'cause i'm not 100% sure what i'm goint to find... maybe some Paintba Pro Shop gremlins?
On another note, maybe someone can help me with this... does PPS make a bolt/pump are that would work on a Viper? My Viper is missing the orignal connecting piece that attaches to the two
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