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Originally Posted by Brassballs View Post
PPS just need to hack one or have someone hack one out.they're really simple.

I could trace one of mine for you

'new age gun with better barrel materials' ???
B just copy a sheridan/PPS for your Titanium tubes

Yep to some extent found some beautiful centerless ground and die drawn tubing guaranteed .002 " per meter. The bore is .680" Great for paint these days ! I may just get 6' and find a gun to throw a barrel on. A beat up magnum should do the trick the feed is the only real problem but I do have several friends who weld thin wall tubing on a daily basis. I have some sample Ti soldering flux may be just enough to do a test and one barrel.

I'd love to see what has been done to a Viper valve too I have my own things I do based on most of the tuners ( PPS, Mac 1, Punisher, and Big Matt) I'd like to think my is the best combination of all of them with a difference notable by those experienced. I do not copy but take inspiration from the greats and like to think improve upon their work.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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