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I've got one of those! I thought it was homemade. You have to zip tie the goggles in. If I could put new lenses in I'd use it. I tried it on and the main problem it lets a lot of paint through on a direct hit ( it's still better than just goggles).

Here's something that was homemade. Guys on our team were pretty skillful/artsy-crafty. One guy sewed harnesses, another guy is a jeweler and used to make his own sites & trigger shoes, and another guy used to make masks.

I think this one is from about 88 or 89. We'd provide him with the goggles and he'd form the wire screen around it and use hot glue & rivets to mate the parts together. I believe he'd buy the tiger stripe netting from I&I Sports.

Guys using this designer's masks ended up on the cover of multiple APG's, full page ads for Jim Lively Productions, etc.

Very clean IMHO for the times. I put a modern mask in the pictures for a modern historical reference.

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