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WGP Pre '99 Sniper/Cocker Parts

Hey guys and gals, I am giving a heads up on some WGP parts I will be moving. I have a BUNCH of NOS WGP STOCK parts and some used stuff too. I was going to work on rebuilding some of these bodies I have but since have changed my mind.

I have about 10 old bodies in the LOW serial numbers to come off from. These would be ranging from serial number 500-3000 with some left feed bodies also.

As for parts for I have pretty much most the parts to build the Snipers, with the exception of bolts, pumps, trigger frames and ASA's. I have no pneumatics for the cockers either. If you are looking for any parts to complete or refurbish your old guns let me know and I will dig through my bins.

I will be working on pictures and better details on pricing just giving a heads up, for all who might be interested. First come first serve, so feel free to shoot me a message if looking for anything in paticular, but stay tuned for the rest of the story if you are just curious on browsing the parts.

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