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A while ago(before I had a car) the only place I could get stuff was the local army navy......what a bunch of retards. There was 1 decent guy there and the rest were cocky bastards. My friend went in looking for a gas-through and a cheap barrel for his piranha-semi he was given all sorts of hell from this little punk who felt he knew everything. He tried everything to convince us not to buy that stuff and to spend a ton on a cocker or shocker or something they make alot on. Another time my friend went in there looking for some springs to change a max-flows presure and the told him it wasnt possible and that he was an idiot. The dude seriously called him an idiot, its amusing though that my friend was right and he was the idiot. Thats the last time I went there for something that wasn't worth under $5 and I never dealt with those 2 again.

On the other hand, the guys at PBotF seemed pretty competent and didn't push anything on me. Though the had nothing for older markers they didnt bother me to buy something brand new. I even ordered my sniper kit through them for my cocker and they seemed to be interested in how it worked out.
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