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help me!; old p-series/cooper-t - I GIVE UP

I've got a problem gun and i've given up. There's so much going on in this post, it's not even funny. Gotta start somwhere though I suppose...

Well I don't even know if this should be the correct area to post because There are so many diffrent points going on.. so I figure i'll let the big dogs sort it out for me. (I gave up, remember? ) Also, the points contained in this post are going to be slighly scattered, so bear with me.

So here we go. Ive got an old sheidan p-series direct feed. I ALSO have a nice Cooper-t IMP kit which I beleive is the pgp version. I want to mold these together somehow so that I end up with somthing like a semi-automatic early long-barrel sheridan p-series direct feed with a crossman stock and a 7oz under the stock.

Here are some of the problems: First; the imp kit that i have is for the pgp (bolt is too short, feed is too far forward, i dont know if the air outlet is in the right place with the bolt); next, the valve innards of the marker are all messed up by the p.o. (brass lower tube insert for the imp kit won't go in all the way, the valve leaks a LOT, The constant air adaptor doesn't tighten up like it should); I dont really know what i DO have (possibly a pmi-1df?).

Heres some more dillemma-like stuff: I could have the direct feed shaven off and re-attatched farther back to match up with the bolt, or i could try to find someone to trade bolts with so that i have the correct one. There is no way to test it as the air system is completley messed up and i still dont consider myself at a competent enough level to fix it. The imp kit fits funny because the brass sleeve doesnt go in all the way - i dont know if its like that on purpose for the pgp, a special valve that i dont know about, or if the valve in my gun is just retarted and back to far.

A third set of dillemma material: I could either sell it all and start over, I could send it all to palmers (likley whats going to happen) (would he even work with cooper-t stuff? i don't see why not..), or I could attemp at fixing the valve, and then attemp at finding someone who would want to trade me their longer imp bolt for my shorter imp bolt and then HOPE that all the other stuff just falls into place..(like the brass hammer sleeve, etc.)

Anyway I think thats pretty much it. Sorry if this was hard to understand; i'm just overhwelmed and over-tired (all because of this stupid gun haha).

P.S. - What the heck is this thing? It came with the imp kit but I can't figure out for the life of me what the point of it is.

Well, Thank you in advance, and I hope to hear many a useful responce from y'all.
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