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Pickle thanks for the response. I saw it last night but didn't have time to properly read or respond.

In your opinion, Isn't it the LEO's job to contain rather than escalate the violence? In my incident, the most violent thing going on was what the trooper did. No one was throwing anything, No one was breaking anything. I'm sure there was something illegal about being in the pool but isn't there an inherent problem with trying to contain a crowd by Ramping up the violence? Shouldn't a response be relative to the original action?

edit: In the Boston case, shouldn't the response have been against the people climbing the wall? I do realize that neither of us were there and I absolutely respect anyone who straps on a Badge to serve and protect. I just no longer am naive enough to believe that all officers are there to protect my rights. Experience has shown me the other side of that coin on at least half a dozen experiences.

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