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In a broad manner yes. However, I am not going to be able to get people to do what I want by always being one level below them. Meaning, if they are yelling I can't whisper. If they have a gun my baton is not going to suffice. So in that case I should be escalating the violence. Should I be using violence when it is not necessary? No, but sometimes we as cops and humans aren't always going to know what the magic trigger will be to get one person to do what you want. Therefore you resort to what you know. Again, I am not saying what the trooper did was correct. I wasn't there so I don't know who, if anyone was correct.

As far as Boston, yes the response should have been against the people climbing the wall or against the people doing other illegal, violent things. We don't know what the victim was doing. She could have just been standing there and been an innocent victim so to speak. However, I am a firm beleiver that if an individual decides to stay in a violent disturbance like that then they take their own safety into their hands. She may have had a legal right to be there. She may have had good and sincere intentions to be there as well. But once the crowd started to get violent and unruly it was incumbant upon her to get out.
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