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The Onion Marker - CCM pron inside.

I just got a goodie in the mail from Bill today.

This will bring a tear to your eye.

What's this? Is that a CCM Series 6 Prototype (Oh so rare) with a CCM stock class feed (Perhaps even rarer) with a dust custom length 11 ball w/ ball slots tube (rarest) on it?

It is okay - I mean - this marker can't look that good with gloss and dust parts can it?

Yes it can...


Series 6 Prototype
CCM Stock Class Feed
22CI tank with Guerilla Myth Reg
Deadly Wind Barrel with SP Stainless Steel inserts
Custom Pumpenstein Grips
Shorty Pump

I am left feeling bad for those of you who aren't me...

T don't hate me because my marker is beautiful F
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