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Grenades - You pick color


It has warmed up enough and the paintball season is underway, so I am producing again. I have redone my process for making the grenades, so I am able to produce them a good deal faster. I can now get these out 2-5 business days after a payment is received. Then with 2-3 day shipping (FREE! ALL SHIPPING IS FREE!), they should get to you 4-8 business days after you order and the payment clears.

About me and the Grenades-

I have started making bunches of grenades cause I am bored. I know it tells you all over the place how to make grenades, but honestly not many people have the time, the paint recipes that are good, and the parts are kind of pricey unless you buy in bulk... I have already done all the work and thought I would offer some grenades up to you guys.

I have sold hundreds of these to a local field and people keep coming back for more. They are NOT the stupid bb triggered ones that never go off, these use the washer style. I also have NO METAL on these grenades at all. This is important because many fields are banning the use of cotter pins and key rings because it just litters and the cotter pins have put holes in people and tires. These use a nylon pull pin, that will not puncture other grenades in the same pouch.

The paint in these has an unlimited lifespan, (I think. So far none of these have gone bad for a very, very long time). It can settle but a couple of quick shakes remixes it right away. It is extremely thick, yet very washable paint, with high coverage abilities. I CAN do custom colors, such as a team color for a team, or if you have field that only allows certain special weapon colors paint. Personally I recommend Light Blue for almost all applications.

Here is a list of statistics about the grenades.
  • Perfect Size - 6-7 oz
  • Thick Washable Fill
  • No Metal Design
  • Very Very Long lifespan (Unlimited?)
  • You Pick the Color - (Strongly Recommend LIGHT BLUE)
  • Killzone - 15 - 20+ feet on a normal detonation
  • Will fit easily in Big Boy grenade pouches, AND 2 will very nicely fit in a pod for easy carrying! (See pictures)
  • More Sensitive then most name brands - No one wants their grenade thrown back
Pictures -

These grenades are built around the player, I tried to keep all my pricing down as low as I can and still get payed for my time (Based of $10 per hour wage). All shipping is done USPS Priority (2-3 day)if you want a different method, free shipping no longer applies and you pay for it.

I accept -
  • Paypal (Best Option)
  • Check (Grenades Sent after it clears)
  • Money Order (Decent Option)
  • Cash (If you really want to risk it getting lost in the mail)
  • Credit Card (Through Paypal so I never see the Number or anything)
Minimum order is 10 grenades.

10 Grenades - $25
15 Grenades - $35
20 Grenades - $45
25 Grenades - $55

Contact me for more pricing.

Maximum you will pay is $2.50 per grenade. Don't forget its Free Shipping

To more you order the less you pay.

E-mail me at or pm me here with any questions. I know I do not have much feedback on here, but I can link you to my eBay sales, which I have 100% on 2 accounts, I also have members that can vouch for me. I do not RIP you off, if something goes wrong, I will fix it.

Mcarterbrown Feedback Specops Feedback
Ebay Accounts - LiquidShrapnel Grenades Personal Account

And some more eye candy... PINK!

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