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How to: Paint Your Weapon Tigerstripe Style</strong>

(I didnt have a marker to paint, so I used 1 half of a ruger 10-22 bullpup stock)

Howto: Paint Your Weapon Tigerstripe Style
By Wookie

  1. Matte Black Spray Paint
  2. Green Spray Paint
  3. Tan Spraypaint
  4. 3m Blue Painters Tape
Clean and Prep
Start by cleaning and preping your weapon. Please see my 'Howto Paint your marker Digital style' for more info.

Apply the basecoat
It can either be green or black. I went with green, which made the final product more black. (as you will see)
Remember to apply a nice thin coat. You want just enough paint to color it, not drown it.

If you spray too close you will get drips.
If you spray too far it will glob in the air and give you the dreaded 'orange peel' effect.

Allow it to dry. You can bake it to speed things along if you wish. Dont let your oven get above 110F. (put a towel in the door to prop it open)

Tear long strips of blue painters tape and apply it to your weapon. (make sure ant tear both sides (my photo only shows 1 side torn)

Lay out the strips along the length of your weapon.

Spray it with the black spraypaint (or green if you used the black as your basecoat.
Allow it to dry.

More Taping
Now apply the 3m tape along the edge of your previously laid tape. You want small little lines of tan;
Less is more at this stage. I actually used an airbrush to get in close, you maybe not be able to do that with a spray can, so you may want to mask off more than I showed in this picture.

Allow it to dry.

Pull the tape off by tugging it against itself. This will help 'cut' the paint and reduce the chances of paint peeling off with the tape.

Enjoy, Wookie.

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