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Official Smallest Paintgun build-off

How small can you make a paintball gun?
Official Rules

Rules are posted below:

1. This contest will take place between July 1st to September 30th.

2. All entries must be posted by the 30th of September giving the entrants 3 months from the build-start date to complete their project.

3. Photos of completed work should be taken with a ruler or yardstick to show length of marker.

4. Five judges will be selected on the 1st of September from a voluntary pool.

5. There will be two categories of entries which will be chosen based on size: (Multi shot) and (1 shot reservoir style). An "Overall favorite" will be chosen from both categories based on Creativity, Quality of Workmanship, Style, Cohesiveness, and Functionality. Please remember to inform us of what category you are entering when you post your final work. Entries without a declaration of category will be disqualified from the competition.

6. Gun must be able to shoot a .68 cal paintball at usable and safe velocity (210fps-300fps), completed work should include velocity measurements to verify that it is both usable and safe.

Prizes - Doc from Doc's Machine Shop (Doc's Machine & Airsmith Services) has graciously offered prizes for our 4 winners. A $50 gift certificate will be awarded to each of the winners.

Pictures - If anyone has done any work feel free to post up what you have so far, or keep it secret and just taunt us.

Lets keep this thread clean and only post final pics and vids to allow the judges to judge without all the clutter


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