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Originally Posted by HTRN View Post
Rainman, if you don't need the money that badly, why not do a CNC conversion? You could probably do it for under $2k, probably under $1k if you already have a usable PC and are willing to scrounge a bit for Drivers, breakout boards, Servo/Stepper's, etc.

If you are going to sell, I will tell all that who are considering, that the Sherline is a step above the Minilathes sold by the likes of Horror freight - they have quite a bit of support, with Sherline selling alot of neat stuff for them. And unlike the HF machines, they don't need any tweaking when they come out of the box.

i need the money for a real lathe. 2 hobby lathes aren't cutting. and this one has just sat there for 2 years collectig dust.

As for a cnc lathe. my mill is a 3 in 1(mill,lathe,drill press comb) and it's cnc'ed, so i have a cnc lathe and mill.

i need lathe that 9 x 20 minimum, so i don't have to tie up the mill to use the lathe on it. just starting to be real hassel. plus taking the tail stock off and putting it back is pain. cocidering it weighs about 30lbs

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