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Originally Posted by Deus Machina View Post
Wycke--I'm not sure, but I think a lot of 3-way shafts were more or less like the stock one. Check to see if one in a rebuild kit works?
Actually, the barbs on the CT (and I guess the Orracle) switches are about 1/8" farther back than on the stock switch. I tried the shaft from an STO switch and couldn't getthe pneumatics to cycle at all. Then again...maybe I could just snip off 1/8" from the end that connects to the timing rod. That might just work.

Originally Posted by Al Ray View Post
They are 4 ways, not 3 ways.
This was debated ad naseum over at the Tinkers Guild years ago. It really depends what you consider to be a "way". If you see the component as a swtich (which, in reality is what it is - it redirects or switches the flow of a gas from one path to another), then it's technically a 2-way. The gas flows from the LPR to the switch and the switch directs it to either the front or the back of the ram. 2 possible paths of gas flow, hence 2-way switch.
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