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This is a common question. There is no correct answer aside from “it depends”.

My son started playing at 8 and was fine. He has a friend who played at our field when his friend was 15 and he was NOT ready to play. He played a couple games and then stated he was “sick”. Later he admitted he just didn’t like being hit with paintballs.

A good general rule is first make sure the paintball mask fits properly. If it does not, the child is too small to play.

Another rule would be if the child can understand the marker and how to use it, as well as hold and shoot it properly. And can the child understand and obey all safety rules.

Another good rule of thumb is that if you play a “slow” game with the child and hit him at least once and he/she is still interested, keep playing.

Folks must remember that children are NOT adults or even teenagers. They should not be put in an extremely competitive situation with other players right off the bat.

Also young players should be walked through the game. Have them pair up with a more seasoned player and have that player guide and coach the child for a while. And that does not mean a while in ONE game, but until the child shows he/she knows the safety rules and can obey them, knows the object of the game and can hold their own, and can demonstrate they will not be hurt and are ready for the fact they will get hit.

None of us online can determine if anyone being posted about is “ready”. Only those who know the child and all circumstances can make that determination.
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