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Nelspot 007 Burning Question in my mind!

I asked this over on SpecOps a while ago and nobody had an answer.

First of all, FWIW, I never knew there was a NelSpot before the 007, I always thought the 007 was the forestry marker I always heard about.

However one thing which I remember clearly, is that there was a decal on the rear part of the trigger frame, right below the valve, that said "NelSpot 007" in gold colored script writing. I remember my friend's field when I started playing in 1987, the guns were still in good enough condition that they all had those decals on them. Of course given the hands and playing style of a bunch of wild kids, the decals did not last too long... come I never, ever, see photos of guns with those decals on them? I know I wasn't imagining it because I even owned one once the field upgraded to Rapides.
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